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Some form of rp_industrial17

Before I continue with this, I wanna say I quite like Danovis. It's bright, cheery, with a lot of diversity. I especially appreciate all the community feedback Dan has taken on how to improve it.

That being said, I don't think it fits the server, and leaves the community wanting what it's had in the past happily. What I've always enjoyed about the Danovis community (or Morgue community, same thing) is the interaction. Walking around, seeing people, full houses along the way, and having to go *out of your way* to avoid interaction, in the case of someone like a hitman, undercover cop or thief on the run.

Map Design/Interaction and Avoidance

Danovis simply does not allow this. On industrial17, I could lockpick my way out of the Combine Jail and get my things from evidence, and choose several different ways of escaping the city. Hole up in the construction zone? Sure! Perhaps hide inside the oil tanker on Shell Beach? Absolutely! Be ballsy and find asylum in the back of the 24/7 Foto in Central Square? Go for it!

Once again, Danovis does not allow this. Even if you were to escape from the Combine Station, where would you go? There are no routes that allow for you to hide from people efficiently. The sewers are ten miles long and make you a fish in a barrel if you're caught in them. If you try to escape via car the police can simply unload half a clip into your car and it explodes, or you crash into a wall due to lag. If you try to walk away, good luck. If you're not seen on the open streets you have a good walk ahead of you regardless.

Map Design/Class Usefulness and Fun Factor

On industrial17, I had fun playing almost every class. Opening Jihad shops, playing a tyrant mayor, a good cop or bad cop, a black market gun dealer, a gangster rebel or a pseudogovernment mob- there was so much to every class, and it all has to do with how the map is put together. The downtown area is perfect in every regard- the shops, the sewer entrances, the cafes and factories- for every legal class, this was the best way to play them- everyone goes downtown! It's a tighter squeeze and you couldn't pass by someone without saying "hello" or "f*ck off, cop." If you wanted to play an illegal class, building a black market shop in the back alleyways was the best! I loved warring as a Kingpin based in the construction zone versus the Don based in the apartments across from the theater. 

On Danovis, every class is useless except drug dealer for a few different reasons. Obviously, drug dealer makes the most money- but aside from that, there's really no reason to play any of the other classes. Everyone is so spread apart, you might as well just bunker down in your base and sell drugs, since nobody will bother you there anyway. Cops are just annoying and literally serve no purpose, and Mayor is useless as well- the map is so gigantic there's no way to play a tyrant. Classes based around cars (tow truck driver, bus driver, firefighter, city repairman) are so boring to play I don't know where to start- simply for the reason you have to take a 2 minute ride everywhere you go, over and over again, with no player interaction since everyone is hiding in their base growing weed.


Without being nostalgic, and looking at it from a totally neutral perspective, what we had on the Morgue was just a better experience. The friends I have brought onto the server because of my love of the community and the fun I've had with my fellow veterans and with the staff have stopped playing because "there's nothing to do but grow weed and I have all this money for nothing." 

I hate getting on at peak time and there's 3/30 on. And as tough as it is to say it, there's a reason. The server's technical requirements are odd, the map does not fit the community and gamemode. I say this *because* of my immense love for this server and community, not because I'm trying to be a dick or that I don't appreciate the work Dan has put into it (I absolutely do!) I just don't want the server to die off in a month because nobody plays.

I know I'm not alone on this, I've spoken with quite a few several-year veterans of the community and they feel the same way. I just ask for some support.

Finally, enjoy this video that our old friend WolfCrisis made! These were the best gaming days I've ever had.

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