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Neo's Moderator Application: 2/7/2020
IGN(In-Game name): Neo (I used to be TylerKG123.)
Timezone: EST
Time you are most active: most evenings
Why I want/should be a moderator: I've been here since the 2014-15 days of The Morgue, it's the only DarkRP server family I've ever enjoyed, and I love helping out
Have you read the rules fully, understand and feel comfortable enforcing them as correctly as possible?: Yes.
Are you willing to listen to any staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a staff member, even if you don't need it?: Yes.
Have you ever been banned/kicked/muted?: I remember almost nothing before 2017, but I do remember being an insufferable little idiot, so probably
Proof of 60 hours :3
I'll keep an eye out on this!

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