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Mardi Gras Event - 2/29/20 - dancore - 02-25-2020

[Image: Mardi-Gras-Flyer-2019-header-image-1680x1200.jpg]
This weekend we are having a Mardi Gras event! Join us to win some cool prizes!
The event will be all day, free Five Seven Mardi Gras skin for everyone that joins.
This Saturday (2/29/20)
Test your luck with our Wheel of Fortune and our Pachinko Machine or show off your skeeball skills!
Limited EditionĀ Five Seven Mardi Gras skin
[Image: 7c1f663ada.png]

Limited Edition G36C Mardi Gras skin for the lucky winners
[Image: a499a2f9e3.png]